In 1998, Patrolman Thomas "Mongo" McMahon, a 20-year veteran of the
Richmond Bureau of Police, was killed in the line of duty.

This is a memorial in his honor. Read more below the photos.

Mongo's Way in Libby Hill Park

Mongo's Stone overlooking the river


Closeup of Mongo's Stone

Patrolman Thomas F. McMahon
Patrolman McMahon


“Mongo’s Stone” here on Church Hill represents the effort of citizens and
Police Officers working together. It leaves a lasting monument to the importance
of neighbors and police working together in the fight against crime. The Stone
was a vital corner stone in the Richmond Turning Basin, which is no more;
 just like “Mongo” is no more.

The Church Hill Crime Watch and their friends not only dedicated this monument
to Officer Thomas “Mongo” McMahon but to all of our officers at the First Precinct.
His twenty years of service to our crime watch and this neighborhood
will never be forgotten.

To all of you who did not know him, we ask respect, and possibly your best joke,
for he loved them. We ask most of all your respect for our officers and what
they try to help us to do in fighting crime.


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